Add Justin Bieber to the list of peer pop stars than One Direction just stubbornly refuse to have a feud with. After every rumor of strife with fellow boy band The Wanted are met with a "nah, sorry, we actually think they're pretty cool" from the 1Ders, now it looks like The Bieb is down with the Direction as well. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 2, Bieber called the band "my boys," and explained how not that long ago "they came to my house, we hung out. I have a pool so we all went in and chilled out." (We really hope this was a totally unplanned thing, like Justin just heard the doorbell ring and "ONE DIRECTION? What are YOU guys doing here?")

The Bieb also went on to give the 1Ders the ultimate honor, saying he'd be happy to do a collaboration with them for their album whenever—"they just have to ask." How sweet is that? We figure if this is gonna happen, 1D should do it properly—take Justin out for a nice steak dinner, then get down on one knee and hand him a blank CD-R or memory stick or whatever and ask him if he would make them the luckiest boy band in the world. ("YES! THE ANSWER'S YES!!!") Awwww. We always cry at pop collaborations.