Bieber Tour Merch To Be Sold At Selfridges

From Claires to V-Files, Bieber's tour merch is popping up everywhere

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Justin Bieber's tour merch is officially #fashion. At last, teen girls and Supreme-wearing hypebeasts have found a common ground! The singer's obviously Vetements-inspired concert tees and hoodies have been making the department store rounds since March, when his "Purpose Tour" kicked off. The 90s-nostalgia injected clothes have been sold everywhere from V-Files' trendy SoHo boutique to Claire's. Talk about range. Today, the singer launched his tour merch at Selfridges, the historic UK department-store chain that also stocks high-end brands like Givenchy, Gucci, and Prada.

Bieber's merchandise plays on a lot of popular tropes in fashion right now, with its oversized skater fit, self-ironic slogans, and heavy metal-inspired fonts. In March, Bieber tweeted, "I love my merch" and it's obvious from the way he's been parading it around off the stage.

Selfridges will carry the popular "I Love Justin" hoodies and tees from the collection, as well as its pricier items like the £995 leather jacket. The collection was created in collaboration with Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo, who said in a Rolling Stone interview the collection was a "fresh way to incorporate vintage '80s and '90s band tees into his onstage wardrobe." The tour merch as "fashion" trend has been going strong. Kanye West's multiple "Pablo" pop-up stores is the best example of this. In a time of failing album sales, artists have turned to high-quality and high-selling march as new avenues of profit. Hey, everyone gotta get their coins somehow.

Selfridges won't be the last stop for Bieber's march tour. It was recently announced the collection will make a stop at PacSun beginning Saturday, October 15.