Big Boi Forcibly Reunites OutKast By Putting Himself On Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter"

With the recent release of his album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, it's somewhat suspicious that Big Boi is choosing to hop on Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter", which features Big Boi's former band mate, the elusive Andre 3000. In fact, Frank Ocean originally wanted both Andre & Big Boi on the track together, but 3 Stacks appeared solo, saying that he “didn’t want an OutKast Record Coming out on anybody else’s LP.” But Big Boi went ahead, deciding to take on "Pink Matter"  by literally remixing his verse onto it. It's a forced reunion, feeling almost as if he's dueting with a ghost. This isn't OutKast, it's a dude on YouTube Frankenstein remixing one person's acapella into another's.

Meanwhile, Frank Ocean didn't seem to care, actually giving his approval by tweeting:

...As his original intentions were finally achieved. In the remix, the former members of OutKast appear back-to-back on the track--with Big Boi coming in before 'Dre with a verse about a careless love affair.

As of now, Andre 3000 has yet to make a peep about the forced collaboration. But it wasn't too long ago when he went on record saying there wasn't any beef between him and Big Boi, just his own stuff to work out before he decides to dive into a new project. Meanwhile, his verses have been appearing  in the strangest places since OutKast: Ke$ha remixes, a track called "Sorry" off T.I.'s latest album, and don't forget Beyonce's "Party" off of 4.

So can we call this an OutKast reunion? No. Would we be better off enjoying Big Boi's newest album (it's great!) and Andre's various verses separately? Probably. Or maybe you should just turn on Spotify and reminisce. Because if you're looking to satiate your love for OutKast with this "Pink Matter" remix, it's not gonna happen.

Big Boi's verse:

Doesn't matter if she want to be with me

So it's cool

I'mma make her call me B.B. King because I give her the blues

But not on purpose, though She was the perfect ho-

-stess, when I come over, we would do the grossest

Most beautifulest things on a bed of roses

It would be the coldest when you hit the hardwood floor

We sippin' Yak, lime mimosas

She's in my naked lap, going ham like she supposed to

And she could make it clap if I told her

Or make her ass spread like the back of a cobra's

Down there in her titties like a soldier

A G.I. Joe, man

See me, I go in Ask a bitch, nigga

Yeah, that nigga goes up in it

Like smoke from a chimney

Slow stroke, cause she feeling me

Up in her, nigga

Killin' me softly, raw dog she wants me

Strong and black like her coffee

Get off me

Act a donkey,

I pin her tail to the mattress I've been a player

Make her go from classy to nasty

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