Premiere: Big Little Lions' timely new rallying cry "Against the Wall"

The folk-pop duo don't hold back with their new country-bent song about the current state of affairs in the United States.

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For many Americans, their backs are against the wall in a political firestorm (that many saw coming from a mile away)--which serves as the central trigger to folk-pop duo Big Little Lions' brash and smart new anthem, suitably titled "Against the Wall." "It's only time. See you on the other side," they lament on the opening lyric, dressed with a smokey, distinctly-country brush. "We'll all be fine, and they'll all be pacified...and numb...when it's done."

"Against the Wall," which serves as a primer for the duo's long-awaited new studio album, comes on the heels of the first leg of Donald Trump's presidency. So far, he has issued several atrocious executive orders, including the most recent immigration ban aimed at primarily Muslim countries, and appointed several key figures to join his administration in varying roles. "In this current political climate of unease and unpredictability we wrote a song that was bound for our new album, but felt the need to put it out now," Helen Austin and Paul Otten share with Popdust about the song, which premieres exclusively today as an artistic lyric video. "We have been playing it live, and it's message has been resonating. We live in such strange times and there is a lot of frustration, and this song just wrote itself in response to that. We hope that it reflects the thoughts and feelings that many people currently share."

"Day by each day, changing their attitude, what will we say? Got no more platitudes..." they later profess on the second verse. The lyric is frank but thoughtful, reaching deep into the souls of many Americans of all races, backgrounds, religions, creeds and sexualities, who find themselves struggling to come to terms with the world in 2017. Countless protests have erupted over the past couple weeks as millions of heartbroken people have mustered up the courage to do something to change the world. "They won. Now, it's done. Hold your tongue. Now, it's done," rings the charred hook.

Big Little Lions' new album, tentatively expected later this year or early 2018, follows last year's excellent Just Keep Moving.

Take a listen below:


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