Big Sean Matures on "Single Again"

Big Sean is showing some big growth.


Big Sean rehashes his romantic past, breaking the cycle of long-term relationships and prioritizing self-care with his second single this week, "Single Again."

He takes a note from his ex Ariana Grande by reclaiming his romantic past and extending positive vibes by featuring his recent ex-girlfriend of two years and Twenty88 collaborator, Jhené Aiko, on the track. On "Single Again," He shows he's grown by rapping about his truth, which includes the habit of jumping from one serious relationship to the next. Sean Don references his toxic past, like how he dragged ex-fiancé, Naya Rivera, on his 2015 hit, "I Don't F**k With You," reflecting four years later, "Old relationships turn to new déjà vus / Got me feeling like 'I don't f**k with you' / Oh nah, nah, that's the old me / You f**king with the new me."

Big Sean and Aiko harmonize on the chorus to address why the pair split in the first place: "Told 'em that we better off friends / Blaming you is just so easy / But maybe the problem's me / I'm single again / Guess that's just the way it's gon' be"

Ty Dolla $ign backs Big Sean's second, illuminating verse. The Detroit rapper brilliantly and seamlessly breaks down unhealthy coping mechanisms while remaining self-aware—commenting on drug abuse, mental health, and self-love. Now that's a real man, commenting on some real sh*t. On "Single Again," Big Sean is showing some big growth.

Listen here:

Big Sean - Single Again (Audio)

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