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It's set to be a long week for Big Sean. Coming out with his new album I Decided on Friday (02/03), he's unveiled the tracklist and it's nothing short of hype. Boasting a 14 song tracklist with gold standard features like Eminem and Migos, the follow up to 2015's Dark Sky Paradise is definitely going to be getting a lot of real estate on spring semester party playlists.

As for sneak peeks into what the actual album is going to be like, Big Sean has given us the two singles "Bounce Back" and "Moves," with the former being my personal favorite. Going for a similar visual aesthetic as his Dark Sky Paradise days in the video for "Bounce Back," there might be a call for alarm though. Our boy from Detroit has always had a distinct flow and style, but his artistic development from 2013's Hall Of Fame to Dark Sky Paradise is noticeable enough to keep us invested in Big Sean stock. Going for the same thing in the video for "Bounce Back" might spell disaster for I Decided, if he's going to keep on doing the same thing, and he already has been doing the same thing for a while.

But you're here for the goods, and believe me, there is much to deliver. Are you a fan of Shakespeare, but also grew to love Big Sean after his feature on "Mercy"? You're in luck, because r/hiphopheads user itsanamethatidk posted a hell of a find for the subreddit, an old, grainy video of Big Sean acting as Ferdinand in The Tempest back in his middle school days.

First observation: did Big Sean come out of his mother's womb always sounding like Big Sean? He can't be more than 13 years old in this video, but he's got the exact same smooth voice built for spitting as he does now.

Second observation: Big Sean is a time-traveling renaissance man, dedicated not only to rapping, but to go back and stunt on people in his middle school through acting. It's the only logical explanation, just like Kodak Black having been murdered/kidnapped and replaced with a body double. I only give facts, folks!

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