"Y'all sure it's about me?" Big Sean asked the DJ's at Seattle's KUBE 93 after they brought up Ludacris dissing him on his recent mixtape cut "Bada Boom." "Coz I ain't hear him say no name or nothin'." Well, they seem pretty sure (and so does the rest of the internet) that Luda was calling out the Finally Famous rapper for his claiming to have invented the so-called "Supa Dupa" Flow (a.k.a. punchline rap, a.k.a. hashtag rap) and citing Luda's "My Chick Bad" as a poor example of the style. However purposeful Luda's dis was, Big Sean refused to rise to the bait during the interview, incredulous and a tiny bit hurt that Luda would put him on blast as such.

"I aint got no problems with Luda, I never did,” Sean told the Seattle statino. “I think he’s referring to an interview I did over a year ago. But in the interview I say he’s a legend. I respect people who are ahead of me. I respect OGs and the Gs in general.” Big Sean also expressed surprise that Luda "cared so much," making the worthwhile point about how "someone that’s been in the game that long, I didn’t think they’d be holding on..." Sean also went out of his way to call Sir Bridges a "legend" and to say that he's "pretty sure [the Supa Dupa flow] was done before," and that he just helped re-popularize it for Drake and the next generation of rappers.

Good on Sean for not furthering an already-unnecessary drama. "I think people just wanna see some beef," he finally concluded during the interview. Wise beyond his years.