The guys of Big Time Rush are not The Beatles, but they do a good job pretending to be. Along with evoking the specific kind of fan response reminiscent of the Fab Four's stateside arrival, the Nickelodeon-branded foursome will star in their TV movie debut, filled with ample song breaks and zany circumstances where the use of charm is the only viable method of survival. Like A Hard Day's Night and even Spice World before it, Big Time Movie finds the members of BTR in London, burdened with misplaced bags and mistaken identities. The group's had a full schedule of late, between filming their Nickelodeon television series, starring in viral videos alongside Justin Bieber and touring with fellow teen heartthrobs One Direction (as well as soon to be opening act Cody Simpson), yet have found the time to pay tribute to the most influential of boy bands in their upcoming film, which premieres Saturday March 10 at 8 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon.

BTR performs the Beatles' classic "A Hard Day's Night," as well as "Revolution," "We Can Work It Out" and "Help!" in a project that sees them recreating many iconic scenes from their career, giving their devoted fans additional opportunities for screaming, both on and off camera. Please let this be an educational experience for Nick viewers, and not the impetus for a Who Are The Beatles? Tumblr. Head over to EW to watch a scene from the film that mimics the Fab Four's A Hard Day's Night and check out the group's take on the title track below.