BIGBANG Serves Up More Of The Same With Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA"

YG Entertainment makes it hard to love their music these days. A lot of their stuff is still really good, but it's also faceless and completely interchangeable. Many of their songs --especially those from the 2NE1/BIGBANG camp-- could be sung by multiple artists on the label

Take Taeyang's new solo single, "RINGA LINGA," for example. The electro-hop stomper is every bit as huge and addictive as any one of YG's top hits, but it could easily be released by BIGBANG, G-Dragon, or 2NE1's CL and nobody would be able to tell the difference. The only hint that it's even a Taeyang song is the piano intro that recalls his 2009 single, "Wedding Dress." (Although, considering that Taeyang's old solo music just sounded like generic Ne-Yo and Trey Songz tracks translated into Korean, that's not exactly a compliment.)

"RINGA LINGA" was unsurprisingly produced by G-Dragon, who also makes an appearance in the official music video. This raises the very important question: Why is G-Dragon involved in virtually everything YG Entertainment puts out? He's always showing up in BIGBANG's solo releases in some form, whether it be as a producer or a featured artist. He was even in CL's "The Baddest Female" video! What's the point of even doing a solo project if you're not going to show a new side to your music and image? Seungri got it right by showcasing his own style on August's "Gotta Talk to U," but G-Dragon still wormed his way onto other tracks from the accompanying album. The funny part is that the stuff G-Dragon does for other artists --like "RINGA LINGA," Seungri's "Open Window," or any of BIGBANG's incredible hits-- is always much better than his own solo music.

The best example of a K-pop group going solo is Brown Eyed Girls. All four members have released their own albums, and all four albums were completely different, showing off a fresh sound that was unique to each member's personal style. That's what we should be seeing from BIGBANG, who are quite possibly the best boy band in the world today.

Anyway, "RINGA LINGA" is pretty hot, we dig it, but we're gonna need to see some more individuality and some less G-Dragon in the future.


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