Feeding Fetish

Bigger The Better! Welcome to the Fab and Fat Fetish World of 'Gaining'

No pain, no gain.

You know that feeling when you finish off your third helping of Chinese take-out?

The one where you reference the Louie CK joke, “The meal isn't over when I'm full, the meal is over when I hate myself." Super relatable. Big, bloated digesting belly. Three gym trips later and you're still feeling gross about it…

But, what if the sensation brought about by over-eating didn't trigger those guilty feelings we're all so familiar with? What if we thought it made us look better. What if our gluttony actually got us praise? What if we ate for the sole purpose of getting fatter… and what if we liked it, too?

Strange as it may seem, there's a hugely popular, well-organized sexual subculture that's into doing just that. The participants go by a few names, but the most recognizable are “gainers" “stuffers" and “feeders." And yes, the fetish involves exactly what the names suggest.

The gainer lifestyle appeals to both men and women. And to be honest, I can't tell what they like more—gaining the weight, or getting the attention it brings. Well, who better to explain than a gainer herself?

Meet “Crystal"… In a blog post detailing her weight gain journey, she writes, “I've wanted to be fat since I was a little girl… It wasn't until earlier this year that I had the ability to do so. So I did. And here I am."

Crystal started out at a healthy 157 pounds. A year after she started in with the gaining lifestyle, the 5'4 brunette weighed a startling 275 pounds. How did she do it? How do you think – the old fashioned way. Eating. Eating. Eating…..Eating…a lot.

Crystal adopted a diet of heavy cream, milkshakes, donuts and the like. She explains, “I keep nonperishable food by my bed and make sure that every time I wake up in the night, I eat something. And I drink anywhere from a quart to multiple quarts a day of heavy cream. Luckily, I am able to handle it."

Lucky indeed.

And as a post on Vocativ highlights, Crystal and “gainers" like her are only one side of the coin. I mean, how good is a performer without any fans. Fortunately for Crystal, she's got plenty.

There are dozens of web sites, online forums, subreddits, and YouTube channels committed to detailing—and glorifying—the gaining journey.

Videos of men and women caressing their bloated bellies are sought after by thousands of “normal-sized" folk who that find that kind of imagery erotic.

While fetishes dedicated to a fuller figure have been around for some time (BBW, chubby-chasers), “gaining" is unique in that it celebrates the journey to obesity—not just the final product.

Crystal explains, “What I notice more now are things like not really fitting into a coach seat on an airplane anymore, sitting in a chair with arm rests, being able to see my feet, or growing out of all the clothing stores in the mall. And they are fantastically fun to go through."

As one anonymous Reddit user describes it, “There's something about a woman working towards being larger. What really gets me is when I think about the girl with the things in her belly just moving around."

And, he's not alone. A simple Google search brought me to a YouTube channel titled Busty Thickness featuring a 15-minute video of a relatively small guy feeding his over-sized lady friend. Yes, the image is… different. But the dialogue is really where the content shines.

After stuffing down an abbreviated Thanksgiving meal, the lady confesses, “I'm tired."

Her feeding partner replies, “Guess a well-fed piggy wants to take a nap after all that food in the fat. Good job, piggy. Nice fat piggy. Ahh that belly. That's a big belly. Look how it all jiggles. You've eaten so much. I think this piggy's gonna have a nice time sleeping with all that food in her belly. You happy now piggy. You might be one of the fattest piggies I've ever seen, or at least you're on your way there," all the while caressing her wobbly tummy.

Now, most women I know wouldn't really like being called “piggy." But who says that we need to be uniform in what we find erotic. Dr. Gloria Brame, author of Sex for Grownups and a sexologist who specializes in fetishes, says, “Many of us do risky things with our bodies and nobody complains about it unless it involves sex. A lot of people feel they are at their most beautiful when they are fat. They like being Rubenesque, and it turns them on, too."

However, beautiful as they may feel, nobody can deny that “gaining" brings with it some serious health risks. As one doctor says of Tammy Jung, a 23-year-old “funnel feeder" who hopes to one day top the scales at 600 pounds, “She is causing her life to be shorter, she has taken the risk of dying. Early."

It's not something that appeals to everyone. But those who are into it are really, really into it. And hey, if they're happy, we're happy…right? Whatever your answer may be, knowing about “gaining" only gives us more insight into the expansive web of existing sexual circles at play.

Who knows what we'll hear about next.

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