How To Keep That Summer Body All Winter Long

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Every year, as soon as swimsuit season starts to wind down, I can't resist indulging my cravings. Essentially, after months of depriving myself of pasta in the name of looking good on the beach, the second the temperature starts to drop, it is carb overload time!

However, after just a few weeks of "treating myself", I'm already feeling (and seeing) the difference. My jeans are hardly closing, and I'm super lethargic all the time. My girlfriends and I have a Miami winter vacation planned in a couple of weeks, so I'm determined to get my body, and mind, back to a place I'm happy with.

In the past, I've attempted juice cleansing but could never manage to stick to a full day. I've never found one that worked for me. This time, I wanted to find something that could really help me kickstart a healthy eating plan and actually stick to it, long term. I wanted to feel less bloated so I could get back to my cycling and dance classes a few times a week as well.

A coworker of mine mentioned that she had just recently reset her eating habits with a cleanse from Lemonkind, a brand that sells pressed juices to help reboot your body. She said that they make non-GMO natural juice blends that are gluten-free and are designed to debloat and boost your metabolism while providing the right nutrients to keep you energized throughout the day.

I did more research to learn more about the juices, and I came across their 3 Day Super Detox Me Juice Cleanse. The cleanse has 24 juices in total—8 per day for 3 days. Although it sounded a little intimidating at first, what really convinced me to give it a try was the fact that the juices can be stored unrefrigerated for a while before opening. That really took the pressure off the entire experience—I could go at my own pace and I really liked the sound of that.

After debating between the 1-day and 3-day cleanses, I decided to try the latter. And if I couldn't commit all 3 days, I knew that I'd just have extra juice cleanses to use as quick 1-day cleanses in the future.

The experience was nothing like anything I had tried in the past. LemonKind lays out a sustainable schedule, telling you when and why to drink each juice throughout the day. I liked knowing that I was grabbing an energizing juice in the morning, and one with more calming properties before bed at night. It felt personalized to my needs. We all know that juice cleanses can be really hard, but with LemonKind, I stayed full the whole time.

By the end of Day 3, I was over the moon because I experienced things I wasn't expecting. I felt refreshed. I slept like a baby, my skin was glowing, and I noticed my jeans buttoned easier because my stomach was a little flatter. But more importantly, this time around I felt motivated to continue making better health choices—I've started ordering the half turkey sandwich/half green salad combo at work instead of the mac'n'cheese with the Cobb salad. I even went to the supermarket to buy ingredients to prep meals for the week so I could stop ordering takeout so often.

Now that our trip is just around the corner, I'm feeling good about myself, and I can't wait to relax at the beach. I know that even if I indulge a little on vacay, a Lemonkind cleanse is only a click away and ready to help get my health back on track.

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