Bill Cosby Releases Video Message For Fans—I'm Not Through Yet!

bill cosby video message fans

Bill Cosby is determined not to let any bad publicity get in the way of his comedy tour.

The actor has been accused of sexual assault by a seemingly endless list of women, with his alleged crimes spanning over the last forty years.

Bill Cosby Sues Alleged Sex Assault Victims For Causing Him ‘Emotional Distress’

Cosby has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and is even making jokes about rape in his shows. Yep.

Now the 77-year-old has released a message to his fans saying he is "far from finished" and looks forward to seeing his fans in North America.

"Dear fans, I hope you enjoy my wonderful video message that's filled with laughter...Hey, hey, hey, I'm far from finished... You know I'll be hilarious."

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Depo Reveals Sickening Behavior And Arrogance

Yeah, those shows are going to be a real laugh a minute...

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