Billy Mack Slams ‘Diva Hasbeen’ LeAnn Rimes For 'Kardashian Attitude'

billy mack leann rimes diva

Well, it’s fair to say Billy Mack Jr. is NOT a LeAnn Rimes fan.

The Texas DJ and radio personality slammed Rimes over the weekend, branding her a “diva” and a “hasbeen” with a "Kardashian attitude".

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Kicked to the sidelines billy mack leann rimes diva

Billy’s father, country great Bill Mack, was one of the driving forces behind Rimes’ success, having written her breakout hit, Blue.

But, it appears LeAnn relegated the award winning singer/songwriter to the sidelines once her career took off, and that’s something that does not sit well with his son.

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Billy Mack Jr. called Rimes out on Twitter, Friday :

So funny @leannrimes had the lowest attendance @BillyBobsTexas and still acts like a Diva. What a shame. Go back to LA. #Sellout #Hasbeen


Almost comical billy mack leann rimes diva

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In case anyone was left in doubt about Mack’s opinion of Rimes, he clarified further in a Facebook post:

Almost comical,

My dad and I go to Billy Bob's Texas (Which is a whole other story) to see LeAnn Rimes and wish her the best (which by the way the lowest attendance I've seen there in a long time)

No need to wonder why she is a has been in this industry. Her lack of humility, to her fans, my dad, Curb Records, or anyone else who has ever been in her corner in the early part of her career is hard, but a lil cute to watch.

Sometimes it's best to stay in LA. Don't crawl back to Texas with a Kardashian attitude, expecting a Texas size applause.

I wish her the best, but you can't fool the fans. I speak only for me, and nobody else on this matter.

You know what Billy? Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel!

Not meant for everyone billy mack leann rimes diva

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Rimes seems to have responded in her usual tried and tested passive aggressive way.

Posting another of her chalkboard inspirational quotes on Instagram Saturday, captioned:

Happy Saturday! You aren't meant for everyone. Don't let those who don't understand you or your journey make you believe you are less than.

Find your worth, believe it, hold it in your heart. There are plenty of people out there who won't believe in you, don't be one of them!!

Well, if there’s one thing we all know only too well by now, it’s that LeAnn Rimes certainly believes in herself.

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