The folks at Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma City are about to learn what Peter Rosenberg and Hot 97 had to learn the hard way—you mess with one member of Young Money, you're about to incur the wrath of the entire YMCMB family. So after Lil Wayne was dissed by the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder twice over the course of the playoffs—first by denying him free entry to the Eastern Conference Finals, then by treating him "like shit" after allowing him admission to the NBA finals. Always the protective parent, YMCMB head honcho and Weezy "father" Birdman rushed to his young'n's defense when asked about the incident by MTV News:

OKC gotta pay for their disrespect that they did with my son...The arena, just the arena because I love the people of OKC. It's the arena and how they been disrespectful. Fuck them. I have no respect for them and the way they just disrespected another black man who tryin' to come to their arena that happens to be my son. It's Miami Heat all day every day anyway, but that's just how I feel personally.

The arrogance and sense of entitlement on display with these two is really borderline incalculable. Yeah, that's Wayne all right: Just another disrespected black man who rolls up to your stadium day of the game, expects to have a free ticket waiting for him (courtside, natch), and demands the royal treatment from all your staff—while he roots for the other team. C'mon, Weezy and Bird. Yeah, you guys are famous, but nobody's that famous. If it's really "Miami Heat all day every day," prove it by rolling up to Chesapeake in a couple Alonzo Mourning and Glen Rice throwbacks, and by repping to the fullest in the stadium's lower bowl while you fend off tens of thousands of hecklers. Like Pat Riley did!

Stop The Lazy Front-Runnin', hip-hop.


[Oh No They Didn't]