Expert Popdust problem solvers Pete Wentz and Bebe Rexha, also known as the Black Cards, have released a new song in advance of their Lollapalooza performance this weekend. "Take Me Down (Higher)" shares some of the "dum-duddy-dum" chorus of the recent demo "Smash," which appeared on Wentz's blog back in June, but that's about it. "Take Me Down" features a much more menacing and frantic percussion-synth combination, along with what sounds like blaring alarms in between notes. There's also a reference to "99 balloons," which we'll take as a nod to the classic "99 Red Balloons," whether it's meant that way or not (although it would be a good lesson for the kids). Rexha's line that "it's like crack for kids" might not be the most accepted phrase among us within the non-legitimate medical community, but it still makes for a catchy lyric. The industrial elements and spastic pacing add to the already heavy intensity of a track that's not just asking you to listen to it, it's demanding you do so. So if you're headed to Lolla this weekend, or just plan on lounging at home in your underwear, check the duo's latest latest over at the official Black Cards Facebook page.