Given the fact that it hit stores less than 18 months after the 11-million-selling The E.N.D., the Black Eyed Peas' brand-new The Beginning seemed like a lock for the top spot on this week's Billboard 200. Alas, a Dirty Dancing sample and's Lego hat weren't enough to fend off Susan Boyle, whose The Gift returned to No. 1 with sales of over 272,000.

For those keeping score at (the retirement) home, that brings the grandmotherly reality-TV veteran's latest to platinum-plus status--with two full weeks of shopping time left before Christmas. Anyone else think we should rename the old dame Suzie Stacks?

The Beginning, meanwhile, sold 119,000 copies, parking the Peas at No. 6 behind Taylor Swift, America's Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho and a pair of Glee soundtracks. But, hey, at least they beat Kanye!