Premiere⎯Blacklighter's Sinister 'Altar' Music Video

The alternative singer goes for gut-punching imagery in his first-ever video.

Jonny Shemz, who goes by his evocative stage name Blacklighter, blends the groove of hard-rock, funk and classic soul in his music. His brand new self-titled project is doused with heavy guitars, a haunting atmosphere and an unadulterated darkness. Songs like Time and Space and Friday Faith are raw and fervent -- clutching onto sometimes spacey, synth-pop tones but never compromising on a distinctly gritty sound. Blacklighter shares producer credits with musician Asi Spector, and what results is cataclysmic and earth-shattering in scope and fierceness.

For another one of the project's more alluring moments, Altar, the creator boldly taps into the Millennial mindset -- using an iPhone to film the entire, starkly-lit sequence. Peppered with religious and cult-like imagery, Blacklighter unravels a harrowing story of sheer independence and humanity. "Our first EP is one thing, but shooting your first video with no experience or crew, using an iPhone? Well, let's just say with a lot of 'coincidences' and help from who knows what, it came together and it was all worth it," he shares with us of the clip (in-full below).

He adds, "I think [our] music is very distinct and kind of exotic and intense so we tried to convey that in visual form but mostly we where having a blast."

Watch Altar now:


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