Let us describe to you the drudgery and ennui that is the modern drive-in experience. All you can do is watch a movie, giving your technology-trashed brain cells nothing with which to distract themselves. Something in the stale car and/or concession-stand air makes every single extra look exactly the same (pasty, bland). You moulder in silence; the only thing atop your cars is pollen. There's certainly no beefy Blake Shelton cover of "Footloose" to entertain you.

These are the circumstances Blake Shelton comes across and interrupts, like some kind of burly, benevolent spirit. He doesn't disrupt the dancers, merely watching and shouting from a nearby car as the crowd cavorts provocatively at his feet. Eventually he summons confetti, because nothing's apparently more evocative of an earthy country stomper than glitter in the air. There's also footage from the film, because on some level this is supposed to be a Footloose trailer. We'd just like to point out here that you probably will not receive a free Blake Shelton concert at your local cinema. Some things only exist in fiction.

Watch the video here.