Blink-182's new single "After Midnight" is a lot like their last one "Up All Night," in title (the obvious comment needed making), in place on the album's tracklisting (both are toward the end and sound it) and in style. It soars more than it stabs, swoons more than it smirks. The chorus is representative:

We'll stagger home after midnight

Sleep arm in arm in the stairwell

We'll fall apart on the weekend

These nights go on and on and on

Fans have compared this track fairly often to side project Angels & Airwaves. (To our ears, it sounds kind of like the Weakerthans, if you replaced John Samson with a vocalist who doesn't sound like John Samson. That's only a tautology if you've never heard Samson.) And just in case you're not clear, both comparisons are perfectly fine by us. Raucousness is for the youngs; this is nice too.

The album's out Sept. 27. Tracks:

1. Ghost on the Dance Floor

2. A La Mode

3. This is Home

4. Snake Charmer

5. MH 4.18.2011

6. Even if She Falls

7. You Too

8. Up All Night

9. After Midnight

10. Natives