Blondage Criticizes Beauty Gurus in “Over It”

A bubbly blend of pop and satire.


Copenhagen pop artist Blondage, a.k.a Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, unveils her music video for "Over It," from her forthcoming EP, I Love Music, dropping in February.

"Over It" critiques the pursuit of female perfection and the competition fostered on social media. Blondage calls it "honestly quite creepy." Blondage collaborated with Zille Sophie Bostinius on the video, stating, "I wanted to imitate a classic makeup tutorial because, first of all, I think it's a wildly fascinating phenomenon, and secondly, it says something about our need to stage ourselves and reap the admiration of others."

"Over It" boasts an alluring rhythm topped by Blondage's bewitching tones: "You feel cool / I feel cool / God knows we fake it / We look mighty fine."

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