Blondie Cover Beirut, Do a Way Better Job

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It's not every day you see a group of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers doing a song by a band that's about three decades their junior, but new wave overlords Blondie don't just cover Beirut's "A Sunday Smile," they kind of kick the original's ass. Not that we're the biggest Beirut fans here at Popdust to begin with, but we don't know how you can listen to Blondie's smooth and sweet reggae rendition of the song—featuring Beirut leader Zach Condon repeating the original's trumpet part, which was the best part of that version anyway—and not find it infinitely preferable. No shame in that, Zach—far better men than you have lost out to the still-bewitching coo of Debbie Harry over the course of pop history.

Between this and the stellar new cut "Mother"—both for upcoming album Panic of Girls—we might have a full-scale Blondie revival on our hands before we know it. Bout damn time if you ask us.

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