Nearly 48 hours into the life of Blue Ivy Carter, and the child has already been implicated in potential lawsuits and received the gift of song and portraits from adoring fans around the world. Has any child since the sassy Suri Cruise been the subject of this much attention? Since news hit that Beyoncé was with child, we've speculated about what the heir or heiress to The Throne would look like—to borrow from Jay, "a pinch of Hov, a full glass of Bey" is probably the recipe of choice. The first official image of Babyonce will be a highly coveted item magazines around the world will throw exorbitant amounts of money towards, yet will probably be kept hidden by the highly secret couple until we've riddled ourselves sick by poring over genetics books in effort to get more of a sense of what the little girl looks like. Because nine months has taught the internet nothing about waiting, certain Twitter pranksters have gotten carried away with all the joy and glory that's fallen upon the Carter-Knowles family—enough to show off their own retouching abilities, all varying in degrees of skillfulness and with unique pop cultural inspirations. The Lion King was a given, right? Lil Wayne as Scar and his flock of hyenas (Drake, Birdman and Wiz Khalifa) are a cast worth debating, though.

Sure, everyone's a critic, but not everyone is adept at Photoshop. A selection of our personal favorites, i.e. the worst of the worst—but funniest!—fake Babyonce images on Twitter, below. Don't be fooled!

Aren't you glad to see you're not the only one who made good use of your weekend? We'll give you a head start on Jesus Tim Tebow holding little Baby Blue.