Happy birthday Lil Wayne, you're now (technically) more popular than Elvis.

No, Rolling Stone still hasn't dubbed Rebirth the best rock album in history. Instead, with "Celebration" debuting on #82 on the pop charts today, Weezy broke the King's long-standing record of 108 Billboard Hot 100 hits, the most by any solo artist.

How did Wayne accomplish this feat in the span of just 13 years? With his prolific (some might say "annoyingly prolific") slate of guest verses on other rappers' hits. As MTV calculates, fully 61% of Weezy's chart appearances came on other people's songs.

So, rockists, you can rejoice! Elvis still holds the record for most Hot 100 appearances as a lead solo artist. But know this: Even he is dwarfed by the mighty power of those damned Glee kids, who have racked up an astounding 204 Hot 100 hits (mostly by cheating). Don't stop believing!