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Bluetooth Boom: Turkey Day

The perfect soul, hip-hop, pop,gospel, and rap playlist to prepare you for a day of family, friends, and that foe you TOLD your family not to invite but they did anyway.

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Thanksgiving is stressful. My mom starts calling me a month in advance, thoughtfully trying to accommodate any meal requests or dietary restrictions of my guests. I usually find ways to deflect until the week of, and every year I learn that deflection does not actually help to neutralize the situation. And here we are. Less than 24 hours until the day that families and friends get together to celebrate a day off from work and fellowship with families, friends and football, and I still am unsure what time or how I'm making the journey back to Washington, D.C. What I do know is, even though we all rather not have turkey, my dad is frying a turkey (I can eat it all week!), I will have all of the seafood I want ( Just let your father do the turkey Brittiany. He's excited. He misses his girls), my little sister–home from her first semester of college–is already scheming on how to incorporate time away from the house into her D.C. schedule (What day are YOU leaving?!), and my mom is still a procrastinator awaiting the return of her daughter (Oh, I was going to wait for you to cook). Yup. It is definitely Thanksgiving.

So here I am, dutifully answering work emails, packing just in case I decide to take the train to D.C. straight from work, and texting my best friend, who told me just yesterday that the three of us should all drive down together, but hasn't followed up because she was shooting for season five of Black Ink, and has to shoot today as well (I don't know what time yet). Did I mention Thanksgiving is stressful? But when hasn't Thanksgiving been stressful? Since the first pox-filled exchange of blankets for native's land, this holiday has symbolized the beginning of the end. Fast forward about 400 years, and Natives are still fighting for their land and safety with the Dakota Access Pipeline, Cowboys and Natives are still in impassioned physical battles (but this time on a football field though I'm still cheering for the natives) and family members everywhere are preparing to feast with the possibility of a little bit of drama. When things change, they sure do stay the same. Luckily for me, I always have music to keep me sane. This week's Bluetooth Boom is appropriately titled, Turkey Day.

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