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BoA Gets Cozy With SHINee's Taemin in New Music Video

BoA's starting her 2013 music promotions off on a particularly dangerous note by making thousands of SHINee fangirls insanely jealous. The 26-year-old has cast the band's adorable 19-year-old maknae, Taemin, in the music video for her new single "Disturbance." The pair even get it on with a hot steamy kiss... on the cheek. Eh, okay, maybe that's not so hot and steamy, but it doesn't take much to upset a fangirl when it comes to her boy band bias -- especially when said bias is as good looking as Taemin. And Taemin definitely looks great in this video. Probably the best we've ever seen him, which is undoubtedly to do with his new image makeover. Taemin's complained in the past about wanting to ditch the cute, androgynous image that SM Entertainment assigned him in SHINee, and now he's finally been able to do it. Not only does he get to romance a hot older woman, but his hair is actually short and conservative for once, and he's dressed in a masculine palette of brown and navy blue.

All superficial things aside, "Disturbance" is a depressing urban-pop ballad about a relationship coming to an end, so the music video takes on a fairly serious tone. Taemin's disconnected and distant, while BoA's desperate for his affection, reaching out to her disinterested lover and reminiscing about the good times they shared. Taemin punches a wall at one point, as most frustrated men do in movies when they're trying to hide feelings of frustration and inadequacy, before finally breaking down into tears at the end of the clip. At this point, the video becomes interactive and gives the viewer two choices: send Taemin back to the past when times were good, or leave him stuck in the present, wallowing in his despair as BoA stands outside in the cold.

They really need to make a video like this for Selena and Justin.

Anyway, have fun choosing this imaginary K-pop couple's destiny, below.

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