The full version of Katy Perry and B.o.B's "The One That Got Away" remix is here. You know the drill: Perry's sixth single off Teenage Dream is positioned at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and a rise to the top spot will break Michael Jackson's record for the most No. 1's off the same album. The suspense—and potential outrage from those who feel remixes are cheating—is actually kind of fun. Compared to the preview we heard on Friday, B.o.B does a little bit more with his opportunity to be a part of history, replacing the original bridge with a few lingering thoughts on climate change ("But even if the whole world froze over / I wouldn't be aware of a glacier") and an overall happier ending than Perry's original with some makeup/make up wordplay. We're not thrilled, but hopefully there will be a video where Bobby Ray can show off his ugly cry. Listen below.