Bobby V Demonstrates Why Some People are Rappers and Some Are R&B Singers


Hey, not everyone can be Drake. The Canadian double-threat has set new standards for both rappers who can sing and singers who can rap, but his example can be a tough one to follow, as demonstrated recently by singer Bobby V (whose "Slow Down" was easily one of the 20 best R&B songs about asses of 2005) and his recent freestyle on Tim Westwood's BBC program. Bobby V extends medium effort over the instrumentals to Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" and DJ Khaled's "I'm On One," rapping for about seven minutes straight. "Off the top of my dome!" Bobby repeatedly reminds us, evidently apologizing for his general lack of rhyming skills and over-reliance on self-promotional slingin'. Some highlights:

  • "Come see me at the Cavendish / I'ma be there tonight / Make a wish / Deep dish"
  • "Yeah I'm extra fresh / Call me Alex Trebek / I know my (uh) Jeopardy"
  • "Fly on the Wall in stores / That's my new album / Girl you better come and get some"
  • "Hit me on my Twitteerrrrrrr / Hit me on my Twit-TERRRRRR!!! / At Bobby V."
  • "You gon' be kind of mad at me though / Give me some of that spicy rice and a couple tomatoes"

And so on. It's a valiant effort, sort of, and perhaps Bobby thinks that in the UK standards for this sort of thing are lower in general, which could be true. But once he starts releasing singles where he's trading verses with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes...then we may have a problem.


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