Bon Iver Advocates "Belfies" (Butt Selfies) in New (Parody) Video

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"Can we call butt selfies 'belfies'?" asks a man in the woods pretending to be Bon Iver in the aptly (and informatively) titled "Belfies Are Selfies Of Your Butt." Anything you say, fake Bon Iver.

Given the prevalence of #Belfies on the Instagram accounts of world leaders like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, this parody video—courtesy of NYC-based comedy troop Political Subversities—couldn't be more well timed. And, what's more, it'd make a damn fine Bon Iver song. (Topic aside.) (Unless Bon's into that sorta thing.)

Will you share your #Belfies too?


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