Justin Vernon of Bon Iver has some shit he's just gotta say about the VMAs. Specifically, that they suck, that rock 'n' roll is dead, that it's all about the money-money-money (sorry, residual Jessie J shrapnel), that MTV--shocker alert--doesn't play much music anymore and that in Bill Hicks' words, we should all kill ourselves. (He didn't mention that monologue specifically, but come on.)

Writer Matthew Perpetua's already taken this down pretty well, but we've got a few things to add ourselves:

- LOVE ON MOTHERFUCKIN' TOP. It's pretty sad that Beyonce can build a musical career over more than one decade, turn in a pretty fantastic performance of one of 4's best songs, and while the Throne and Adele (who, naturally, gets called "real") and freaking Bruno Mars get praised for their musicianship, Beyonce gets praised for her embryo.

- Bon Iver isn't exactly an unknown outsider musician, toiling away unnoticed for, like, the art. He's appeared on at least two major-label releases, one album of which (Watch the Throne) was showcased at the VMAs. The money trail leads back to him as well.

- Why are the lights so bright? DID JUSTIN VERNON GET HITCHED LAST NIGHT? Dressed up like Elvis? Why does this matter? Has Justin Vernon been to any concert in the past few centuries?

- Money is part of the music business. That is why it's called the music business. Money is part of every business. And most people can tell you that it's very difficult to "DO music" or anything else when one isn't being paid for it. But then, Justin Vernon probably got paid pretty nicely for that "Monster" verse, right?

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Biotech Week October 28, 2009 For Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey (VNACJ), mobility is everything. To effectively provide and document the best in-home care and rehabilitation for newly discharged hospital and in-home patients they need mobile technology that complies with federal regulations and allows them to effectively document and track patient information. They found a solution in Celio Corp's REDFLY Mobile Companion and Homecare Homebase Software (see also Celio Corp).

"Homecare Homebase software provides excellent documentation capability and immediate online access to patient records and service information," said John Albright, Director of IT for the VNACJ. "For many of our nurses, the REDFLY offers the flexibility of using a larger screen and keyboard to input and review information or images. The additional benefit to the solution is that it gives our field staff a laptop experience in a more cost-efficient, travel-friendly and light-weight manner, without the costs or risks normally associated with laptops." The REDFLY is a mobile companion device with a large screen and full keyboard that enables VNACJ's clinical field staff to use Homecare Homebase's PointCare application on their company-issued HTC Touch Pro PDAs. Since the REDFLY has no hard drive, the patient data stays entirely secure on an encrypted database on the nurse's handheld device-an especially critical issue for the healthcare industry, which continues to drive procedures that ensure HIPAA compliance. go to site htc touch pro

The VNACJ recently deployed more than 200 REDFLYs to its field clinicians, and has plans for a complete rollout of 300-400 units by the end of the year.

"Visiting Nurse of Central Jersey shows how a company can use REDFLY and combine it with a fully integrated software solution like Homecare Homebase to save money and improve efficiency and patient care," said Kirt Bailey, president and CEO of Celio Corp. "The REDFLY is ideal for any company with a mobile work force that is looking to leverage their investment in smartphones and handheld software applications." For information about the REDFLY Mobile Companion, visit www.celiocorp.com.

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