Looks like Bow Wow picked the wrong day to leave his MJ sneakers at home. Visiting Los Angeles hoops demigod Kobe Bryant's basketball camp with mentor JD and some friends, B-Dubs made the mistake of challenging the Black Mamba (at the seven-minute mark of the below video) to a game of one-on-one for $1000. Not even the recent birth of his baby girl was enough to inspire the now-23-year-old rapper to victory, as Kobe wisely took advantage of the size advantage (at least a foot and lord knows how many pounds) to post Bow Wow up in the post, where he was helpless to stop him. The ex-Lil one tried to goad Kobe into shooting jumpers, but just as Dwight Howard isn't going to settle for jumpers when he has Nate Robinson guarding him, #24 kept driving unabated to the basket to secure the easy victory.

"I just loss 1000$ to Kobe 1 on 1," tweeted Bow Wow after the fact, later cautioning fellow West Coast pop star Chris Brown not to fall into the same trap he did. "Bro dont do it," wrote the rapper. "I got a headache after i played em." He might have a point, CB. I mean, Kobe won't even let himself lose to a bunch of kids in a game of knockout. What chance do you think you have?