Boy Band Block B Channels 'The Dark Knight' in Their "Very Good" Video

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Block B has a reputation in Korea for being talented yet scandalous delinquents, so seeing them pay homage to the Joker-led bank robbery from the billion dollar blockbuster, The Dark Knight, in the music video for their latest single, "Very Good," feels like the perfect cheeky nod to their bad boy image.

The key pieces from the original scene are all present in Block B's video; the black van, the clown masks, the shotguns -- one member even smears lipstick across his mouth like Heath Ledger's iconic character. The only difference is that the Block B boys have better hair and more dance moves than the gang in Christopher Nolan's 2008 film.

"Very Good" is currently top five on the instiz iChart, so Korea either has a lot of Batman fans or the public just really loves Block B's new song. Either way, we'd love to see Block B playing trendy Korean gangsters alongside Ben Affleck in the new Batman Vs. Superman movie!

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