Rookie trio, Lunafly, really stand out amongst the glossy Korean idol groups that have debuted this year. They write and produce their own music, play their own instruments, and one of them has hair like a Middle of Nowhere era Hanson. They're definitely not your average boy band, which is no surprise considering that their labelmates are the Brown Eyed Girls -- aka K-pop's No. 1 not-so-average girl group.

Lunafly debuted back in September with "How Nice Would it Be," which didn't exactly live up to the band's pre-debut hype with its dated Stargate-esque production and teenage love song lyrics. Now they're back with a new single, "Clear Day, Cloudy Day," and it's a huge step up for the clearly talented group. It's got gorgeous '90s acoustics, soft R&B undertones, and emo lyrics about the weather. It's a lot better than a certain ballad from a certain singer whom we won't name that's currently doing very well on the charts, so hopefully Lunafly will receive some much-deserved love for this one. With such great music, we wouldn't want to see them fall through the cracks like so many other rookie acts this year already have.