Boy, There Sure Are a Lot of Mirrors in Justin Timberalke's "Mirrors" Video

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Do you like mirrors? Do you like the Justin Timberlake song "Mirrors"? If both answers are yes, then you'll probably be a fan of the video for Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors," which writes the song title large in an eight-minute clip featuring an old married couple reflecting on their life's adventures—artfully rendered by director Floria Sigismondi—before JT comes in at the song's switch-up to dance around in a hall of mirrors and behold his beloved, visible only in reflection.

It's a messy, confusing video, but at the very least, there are indeed a whole lot of mirrors, not just in the funhouse scenes at the end, but visible in just about every scene from throughout the couple's life—sometimes incidental, sometimes integral. You gotta respect that. After all, you get a music video for a song called "Mirrors" and there are no mirrors, you start asking "Hey goober, where are the mirrors?" There's a reason why Justin wasn't wearing sweats and a t-shirt in "Suit & Tie" either, you know.

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