ABC's Happy Endings dove into the interesting world of bar mitzvah receptions last night, delivering preteen-approved musical numbers that rival Drake's enthusiastic display at his own ceremony or the chair-lifting of Thénardier as seen in the latest Les Miserables trailer. Rather than spend too much time exploring the perils of slow-dancing or Penny's obsession with non-gentiles, the main arc surrounded the burgeoning careers of Max (Adam Pally) and Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) as mitzvah hype men known as Boyz II Menorah. Their go-to move the "Dreidel Spin" is best observed in person, after consuming ungodly amounts of buffet fare, but their "official music video" still makes us regret never learning the Torah and being far too old to attend one of these things by ourselves.

We've heard Penny's (Casey Wilson) pipes before, previously paired with guest star Megan Mullally on a dramatic interpretation of "Torn" that fell somewhere between the real deal and One Direction's X Factor performance, as well as Max's hip-hop catchphrases, but now Brad has the chance to finally bust out the back flips the humorless souls of Chicago investment banking circles look down upon. Sporting a colorful crop of neck accessories in honor of the Philly guys whose names they so cheekily use for pun, Max and Brad rattle off 50+ ways this coming of age ceremony can quickly become the Windy City's newest hot-spot. Please, check your table number, but do enjoy the collection of dancers straight off the set of In Living Color—likely a nod to Brad's real life father's former gig.

Awesome, right? Now quickly search for the nearest Jewish adolescent on the verge of adulthood, and beg them to book these guys for their upcoming party.