The Top 10 Must-Have Items From Brandless

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Ever wondered if there's one place you could go to get all your essentials, without having to pay for branded items? Turns out, there is!

Brandless strives to supply you with brand-free products at big brand quality. Your home is your sanctuary, and Brandless has all your home must-haves.

There are sooo many amazing, great-value products on the Brandless website, but our editors have taken a look and chosen 10 of our favorites (but boy, it wasn't easy).

1. The Acacia Wood Utensil Holder

Whether you're decking out a new kitchen or just some of your utensils need replacing, Brandless is the place to go. They have every utensil you could possibly need starting at just $4 each: Silicone Spatula, Slotted Turner, Ladle, Serving Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Pasta Fork, Basting Brush, Utensil Holder. You name it, they have it - our top pick is the gorgeous wooden holder that holds them all.

Brandless kitchen utensils and holder

2. Luggage

Brandless also have the highest quality travel cases - they meet the quality of big expensive brands such as Away, but are way more affordable. Plus, their materials are durable with lightweight polycarbonate shells and sustainable, lined with recycled PET plastic.

Brandless luggage bag

3. Fluoride-Free Peppermint Toothpaste

One of their best sellers is the Fluoride-Free toothpaste. Fluoride-Free toothpaste is essential for babies, but a lot of adults also opt for it to reduce their Fluoride intake. At $5, it's a way better value than brands at shops like Whole Foods.

brandless fluoride free toothpaste

4. "Tree-Free" Facial Tissues - 2 Pack

Save the trees. Buy Tree-Free Tissues - for just $4!

2 boxes of Brandless tissues

5. Pro Blender

This blender is powerful and is sure to make your kitchen prep super easy. With stainless steel blades and variable speeds, it's high quality, but still more affordable than big brands – it's just $180. With this blender, you can finally become one of those people who has a smoothie for breakfast every morning.

Brandless blender with green smoothie

6. The Acacia Wood Prep & Serve Board

This cheese board is perfect for cutting cheese or bread. It's made from renewable wood and looks super classy in any kitchen. The matching Acacia Wood Handle Cheese Knives set slice like a pro.

It's just $9 for the board and the set each, a small price to pay to impress all the guests at your next party.

Brandless Wood Prep & Serve Board

7. Refillable Glass Cleaner, Cucumber Mint - Starter Kit

Refillable cleaning products are the new, eco-friendly way of cleaning. Brandless is all about the sustainable lifestyle, and these refillable spray bottles are Green Seal Certified. Plus, the refill formulas are non-toxic. The best part? They're just $6.

Brandless Refillable Glass Cleaner, Cucumber Mint

8. Green Apple Facial Toner

This toner is cruelty-free, contains no sulphates or phthalates and includes better-for-you witch hazel, which gently cleanses and refreshes your skin - for just $8 a bottle.

They have moisturizer for $7, too.

Brandless Green Apple Facial Toner

9. Fine Line Pens - 0.4mm Point

No matter how old you are, you never grow out of the enjoyment you get when buying stationary. This pack of fine line pens is only $5, and has every color in the rainbow.

Brandless Fine Line Pens

10. Packing Cubes

If you've never used packing cubes before, you don't know what you're missing. Made with sturdy mesh recycled plastic, you can organize your items separately in these 4 bags - no need to rummage through your whole bag to find your charger again. This 4-pack is only $40.

Brandless Packing Cubes in suitcase

These are just some of the hundreds of amazing products Brandless has to offer. It really is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Between all the Home, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Travel, Babies, and Pets sections, they have something for everyone, at a high quality, but great value! Brandlessproducts are better for you, and better for the planet. Stop paying for the name and start paying for quality.

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