Brandon Davis Pulled 'A Ray J' On Kim Kardashian A Year Before Sex Tape—You Wont Believe What Went Down

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Lifestyles of the rich and famous….

Hollywood "rich kid" Brandon Davis AKA Greasy Bear is known for pissing people off—pissing on them?—Not so much.

But, that's exactly what went down at a swanky soiree back in 2006—and the lucky golden shower recipient was none other than Kim Kardashian.

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The story came to light during a Nik Richie Radio interview with super agent/manager, David Weintraub—and Popdust has all the exclusive details.

The interview started off PG enough, with Weintraub dishing on his high-falluting Hollywood life, his hot girlfriend, mega-millions and successful business career, but with super-sleaze Richie at the mic you just know that at some point the talk was eventually gonna turn

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Richie guided the talk into his well tread and base territory but grilling the 35-year-old millionaire about what went down at a Scott Storch party back in the day, asking Weintraub if it was true the record producer peed on someone at the soiree.

Weintraub was quick to shoot that down, insisting that it wasn't Storch, but, "that piece of shit, fu*king scumbag Brandon Davis… that loser, wannabe fake rich motherfuc*er."

No love lost there then.

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But when the repugnant Richie starting pushing as to the identity of the recipient, claiming it was Kim Kardashian, Weintraub—who reps KK's ex-boyfriend and sex tape partner, Ray J, wouldn't take the bait—laughing it off and trying to change the subject.

Luckily (or not, as the case may be) Popdust spoke to one of the camera crew who filled us in on what went down during the break.

"There was no way David was going to talk to Nik on camera about what happened," the spy says. "He reps Scott Disick as well as Ray J.

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"But, Nik being the asshole he is, wouldn't let it go, so as soon as cameras stopped he was straight back at David—and he got the story.

"It happened at a party Storch held for Paris Hilton to celebrate the release of Stars are Blind, back in 2006. Davis was absolutely wasted and decided he wanted to take a leak, so he pulled his dick out and started peeing—only problem was he was on the second floor balcony of the house and directly below him on the first floor was Kim lying on a sofa, so she got the full measure of Brandon's flow.

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"Everyone thought it was hilarious, apart from Kim, who was absolutely furious—maybe because it wasn't caught on camera and she couldn't sell the footage?"

Indeed, just one year later Kim's home made sex tape went public in which she is seen being peed on by Ray J—maybe she was reliving her Brandon Davis moment?

You can check out the whole interview on, to hear all about Weintraub's new show, Hollywood Hillbillies, how he's getting it on with Lamar Odom's alleged mistress and how he once gave magic mushrooms to Eminem.

Don't shoot the messenger.

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