Brandy (and Her Braids) Are Back in the "Put It Down" Video

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Old-school Brandy was pretty awesome. She had the most amazing hair (almost always braided), great style, and some of the best jams. Watch "I Wanna Be Down" for a primer on hot trends of the nineties—denim vests, oversized flannels and baggy jeans all make an appearance. In addition to singing, Brandy starred in her own show Moesha and even took Kobe Bryant to prom. She was like the sweet, gorgeous, wholesome princess of '90s R&B.

The singer, who's debut album Brandy was released when she was just 15, is now 33 and is attempting a comeback with a new album, Two Eleven. Thursday night, Brandy released nine behind-the-scenes stills from her video shoot for the album's first single, "Put It Down," featuring Chris Brown.

It's clear from the photos that she's attempting a bold look. The box braids are back, and she's paired them with a Madonna-esque cone bra, some interesting body jewelry, white pants and a pair of heel-less six-and-a-half-inch high Guiseppe Zanotti leopard wedges (which you can pick up for a cool $1,195).

This video will be worth watching just to see if she can actually dance in those things. Other shots show her cozying up to Breezy in mismatched animal prints and dancing around in a short, ruffled black miniskirt.

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