"Breaking Bad" Stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Are Secret One Direction Stans

Like-minded television obsessives understand the agony of waiting for a new episode of your favorite show, particularly when it's still months away. So when Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul posted a tweet containing the words "NEWS ALERT" and "final season poster," we clicked. (This is also a great way to give people a virus, but we hope no one out there is that terrible of  a human being.) After baiting us with the hope for some kind of clue to how the wildly compelling story of our favorite drug kings would end, we were led to the happiest faces of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, on the familiar pastel bodies of One Direction—Zayn and Niall, specifically. But Walter White doesn't love anyone but himself! Jesse only buys shirts that are at least two sizes too big!

One Direction's Wonderland magazine cover already warrants a double-take, thanks to the lads' overly coiffed heads and less than amused expressions of the poor pups. While it's all in jest, we have a feeling Paul got turned on to 1D's music after sitting near Harry Styles during London Fashion Week in September; Take Me Home should serve as a nice follow-up to Red in the lab. Who knew there'd be so many connections to be made between crystal meth and today's Top 40?

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