Breaking Bad—What Could Have Been—Vince Gilligan Shares Alternate Endings

Breaking Bad went out with a bang Sunday night after five glorious seasons—leaving many fans anxious about the upcoming Walter White-free weekends stretching ahead of them.

The finale was—as the whole series has been—critically acclaimed—but it could have ended on a very different note, as creator Vince Gilligan shares during an insider podcast, hosted by Breaking Bad editor, Kelly Dixon—that you can listen to right here on Popdust.

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Gilligan, who was nominated for two Emmy awards for his work on the hit AMC show, laid out five different plot scenarios that his writing team toyed with.

The 46-year-old said they considered Walt using his M60  to go out  "in Rambo fashion"  before deciding: "That felt wrong for Walt to go out brawn over brain, go out like Rambo. Walt on his best day was never Rambo."

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They also toyed with the idea of Walt gunning down a bunch of cops, however:  "we didn’t like that. It just didn’t seem right.”

Another scenario was Walt taking out a jail with his machine gun, but: “We were like, you know what? As bad as Walt is we don’t want to see him killing good guys. If he’s going to use this M60, even if it’s slightly less surprising, let’s see him use it on guys even worse than he is.”

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One shocking plot idea was Skyler taking her own life—an angle Gilligan was keen on but was—thankfully!!—talked out of: “I was leaning toward that and the other writers were like, that’s a bridge too far. Let’s not do that. And they were right. I think that would have been very unnecessary," he shared.

And, finally, he toyed with the idea of killing off both Jesse and Walt Jr—which, once again, Gilligan admits, his team talked him out of.

You can listen to the full plot breakdowns by listening to the Podcast.

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