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Indie NYC Rappers Turn Surf-Rock on Latest Single!

It's hard to be me too.

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Brent Butler x Deascent return with a hot summer hit!

Your job is always demanding more from you. Your girlfriend isn't talking to you this week. It's hard to be you. What if it doesn't get any better than this?

Brent Butler and Deascent sympathize. Popdust's favorite musical bromance is back with another dope track that is going to be one of summer 2016's biggest hits – a surf-punk track entitled “Hard To Be You" – give it an exclusive listen here or PURCHASE NOW ON iTUNES!

Hard To Be You

Joey Fortuna's "Hard To Be You" is one of the standout records from his 2012 album, Maybe I Believe, complete with southern-comfort guitar licks and NOLA-style finger-licking piano flourishes. So it may seem strange that NYC's Brent Butler and Deascent decided to follow up their last Popdust exclusive, "When Wolves Attack" - a raunchy, bloodbath of metal guitars and gangster rap - with a bluesy Fortuna tune. Their version of "Hard To Be You," however, is more a tribute than a cover. The rapper/guitarists got in Degraw Studios with producer Ben Rice, some guitars and drums, and completely reimagined the song as a surf punk anthem with brand new rap verses riding the wave.

Joey Fortuna is Bound, and On A Treadmill

The new interpretation features a couple of new verses and ad-libs from Deascent that are really the highlight of the track. Brent Butler, a hardworking musician in his own right, is lucky to have such a talented emcee by his side on this track.

Listen to the song here and make sure to share it. Check out more by Brent Butler and Deascent (The Cold Press EP) and Joey Fortuna hit maker!

Here's another exclusive track from their band The Cold Press! This one is called "I Don't Need You" — can anyone identify the sexy guitarist in the corner? Deascent refers to him as "DJ Ayahuasca"... Looks like he might be a superstar.

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