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BriGuel Release Music Video For "Who Do You Wanna Be"

The duo gives breath to truth amid a haze of past decisions.

Based in New York City, BriGuel premiere the music video for "Who Do You Wanna Be," a song about taking control of your own future.

According to BriGuel, "If we aren't aware of negative patterns, there's a high probability we repeat a violent behavior or a mistake over and over again." Written by Briguel, along with Michael Hilewitz, the song delves into the truth of life.

A duo, BriGuel is made up of artist-couple Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, whose signature sound merges electro-pop, R&B, and hip-hop into tasty concoctions of sound and rhythmic pressure. BriGuel performed five shows at SXSW Austin this year, with 50 Cent's DJ touring with them.

BriGuel - Who Do You Wanna Be (Official Music Video)

"Who Do You Wanna Be" opens on smooth streaming colors flowing into a hip-hop-flavored R&B melody. The dual vocal layers, one melodic the other delivering a tight rapping flow, infuses the track with an easy intimacy and emotionality.

A resonant piano coalesces with the measured muscle of the rhythm, as Brianne Berkson's elegant tones swell upwards, while Miguel Gluckstern's rapping voice digs through past decisions to arrive at reality.

The video, directed by BriGuel, blends domestic images with kaleidoscopic visuals depicting a sense of philosophical imminence both moving and relevant.

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