The Telegraph has a long interview with British prime minister and sorta controversial figure David Cameron. Those of you interested in British and/or world politics have your afternoon reading; meanwhile, those of you interested in pop music have this quick-hit tidbit:

A keen fan of pop music, he cites Band of Horses and Lana Del Rey as among his current favourites but admits the “appalling” choices of his children, including Bruno Mars and Katy Perry, are “beginning to infect my iPod”.

OK, look. For all we know, Apple might have a completely different manufacturing model over there in the U.K., but every iPod we've ever encountered operates a certain way. You can't just hold it in the air and watch it contract Katy Perry germs. If a track's on your iPod, it means you put it there; if a track remains on your iPod, it means you didn't find it appalling enough to get rid of. Own up, man.

Granted, this isn't an entirely surprising stance, either from a politician-type in general or from Cameron in particular. His past likes are well-documented. They include The Killers, Snow Patrol and Katie Melua, and he's on record elsewhere as a fan of Bob Dylan, The Smiths and R.E.M. Taken together, this means one thing: it's frankly amazing that he didn't mention Adele. There's a British success story, after all!

There are two punchlines to all of this, of course: he likes Lana Del Rey, and the U.K. likes Jessie J.