Britney Spears Can Probably Name One Bollywood Song

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See, this is what a legitimate Britney Spears remix looks like. (Guess what? Neither Britney nor R. Kelly has commented on that likely copy-paste job from before!) Contrast the "Bollywood Remix" of "I Wanna Go," produced by DJ Lloyd and featuring vocalist Sonu Nigam. Britney tweets about it. It gets a nice site for itself that's not a blog blaring "NEW MUSIC!" without sourcing, and it gets a video edit, even. There are even press statements!

Oh, the song? It's the core of "I Wanna Go" with the percussion swapped out for something less four-and-the-floor and with Nigam's vocals cutting in from time to time. This works a lot better than you might expect. And just think: with this one song, Britney's already demonstrated more Bollywood knowledge than Lady Gaga! OK, a remix doesn't technically qualify, but still.


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