Britney Spears Confirms "Alien" As Future 'Britney Jean' Single

Britney Spears' E! special, I Am Britney Jean, aired tonight. We learned a lot of fascinating and insightful things from the 90-minute doco, like that Britney has a show in Vegas and that she thinks it's "cool." That's pretty much it, besides the admission that the William Orbit-produced "Alien" is going to be a single from Britney Jean at some point.

Although "Alien" is a fan favourite and a nice album opener, it's an odd choice for a single if Team Britney's hoping for a hit. With "Perfume" tanking and Britney Jean suffering from low sales, one of the album's radio-friendly collaborations --like "It Should Be Easy" with or "Tik Tik Boom" with T.I.-- more be a much better option. Those tunes at least have some chart potential, whereas "Alien" will be lucky if it even cracks the Hot 100.

Oh well.

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