Marilyn Manson's cover of the Eurythmics' classic "Sweet Dreams," if you haven't heard it, is... interesting. If you were going to do a parody of a Manson song, it would sound like this: angry guitars, angry shouting, the sort of thing that takes way too much interpretation and Googling to decide whether it's serious or not. In other words, it's the perfect song for Britney Spears to do a video for. Right?

The video, used as an interlude during the Circus tour (which, considering the timing in Britney's career and conservatorship, raised the question of "whose idea was this, anyway?" is certainly dark enough for the job; it's got guys in masks, flashes of photo negative, lots of writhing and Britney Spears looking--well, if we're perfectly honest, not particularly gothy at all. (See photo.) At the very least, it makes an awesome piece of Britney trivia if you're interested in that. But none of our readers like slightly surprising Britney facts, right?