Those fans who question whether or not Britney Spears' dance moves really have deteriorated will soon have the ability to closely examine the steps of Britney-bot through the power of DVR. This year's Femme Fatale tour will be seen on EPIX in November, the second of her live shows to garner its own TV special, after the Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004. Viewers will be treated to the previously recorded Toronto stop from this year's North American tour. Our takeaway from the all too brief preview:

-If you're paying for front row tickets, you must bring a pink iPhone with you.

-With a wardrobe consisting of mostly whites and blacks, plus oversized angel wings, Brit will likely be moving back and forth between her good and bad side throughout the night, a personality clash all to real to call performing.

-Even north of the border, it's still Britney, bitch.