A week ago the frills-free version of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale leaked, and now it's time for the deluxe edition's bonus tracks to trickle into the ether. "He About To Lose Me"—one of four tracks added to FF's original 12—was produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkkins, and it has Britney singing from the bottom of her broken heart... about her man, who won't go to the club with her. So she's going to just find someone else to dance with!

The vibe here is decidedly different than that of the club bangers that dominate Femme Fatale—its opening guitar recalls that of Interpol's "Obstacle 1," although the track is quickly overtaken by synths and Britney's barely enunciated moan. In terms of topic, however, we're in territory similar to that of the rest of Britney's latest effort; Britney is at a club with her "ladies," and she's checking out a guy who's hot. But instead of getting excited by the man in front of her, she's getting ruminative about the lout at home who refuses to take her out like a proper boyfriend would.

The downbeat nature of this song makes one wonder if it shouldn't have been the final track on the non-tricked-out version of the album. (It's two tracks from the end on the deluxe edition.) What, after all, is a better way to close out a night of dancing and partying and giving various men the eye than to wonder about What It All Means with regards to the subject's life outside of the club? (Especially given that Britney herself has stated that she really doesn't go out as much as her records might make you think?)


[Picture via Britney's Twitter, where she let everyone know that she's working on the video for "Till The World Ends." Looks like it's going to be motorbikey!]