It's nice to see headliners treating their opening acts so well. Britney Spears brought Joe Jonas on stage during her Femme Fatale show at London's Wembley Arena, giving him and his male peers a fantasy they've had since before their voices changed. To begin, Britney's male and female dancers pounced on the Jonas Brother, moving in suggestive circles around the opener who sat helplessly in his chair. Britney gave the crowd a good look at her tour costume before mounting Jonas (with the help of a burly stagehand) and wrapping her legs around his neck, giving way to several squeamish, repeat-worthy reactions on JJ's part, the most hilarious being a very visible uttering of "Oh shit." Yes, he takes a bath with a lady in his latest video but that doesn't mean he's comfortable with being straddled in public, even if it is for a bunch of Europeans, or down with getting DJ Pauly D's sloppy seconds. And plus, this is not "...Baby One More Time" or "Toxic" Britney, this is Jayden and Sean Preston's mother! Tour bus hangouts will never be the same. Britney, Britney, Britney. Just because the kids are doing it, doesn't make it right.