We still have to ask: Is Britney okay?

In the first official trailer for Apple TV's The Morning Show, Billy Crudup's character proclaims, "Watching a beloved woman's breakdown is timeless American entertainment." That bleak sentiment has loomed over Britney Spears throughout her entire tenure in the spotlight. Her storied, media-frenzied past encapsulates exactly how celebrity can attract all forms of good and evil, tail-spinning to terrifying conclusions.

In the past, Spears has been barred from giving interviews without her team's total control, specifically about her conservatorship. Today, Britney Spears's Instagram account provides first-hand access to her never-ending tailspin. There's even a podcast dedicated to it. Britney's Gram, hosted by Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, started as a fun project, since Spears's account has always set her apart from her pop peers. At first, she'd post similar content to many mom-friendly accounts: quotes, filtered videos, selfies, hot pics of her boo, and sweet posts dedicated to her adorable sons. But then, Barker and Gray noticed ominous trends on Britney's account, illuminating how she's become the victim of the media.

On April 16th, the hosts received an anonymous tip from a credible source: a former paralegal who worked for the firm that handled Britney's conservatorship. He claimed that Britney had not been in a mental facility since April 2019, but since the beginning of January. Allegedly, she did not cancel her Las Vegas Domination residency because her father (her conservator) was sick. Rather, her father gave her an ultimatum: Take your medication or cancel the residency. According to the source, after she decided to cancel her show, she was forced into the mental health facility against her will. Thus began the #FreeBritney movement.

A month later, Andrew Wallet stepped down as her co-conservator and attorney, leaving her father as her sole conservator. In June, Wallet's representatives claimed, "Substantial detriment, irreparable harm and immediate danger will result to the conservatee and her estate if the relief requested herein is not granted on an ex parte basis." Between Wallet's resignation and the #FreeBritney movement, her team made strides to give her more freedom.

But has her situation improved? On Tuesday night, Spears posted the quotation, "Pay close attention to the people who don't clap when you win," followed by a lengthy caption about how "you never know who to trust."

Today, people still recall this "beloved woman's breakdown" in 2008. In the midst of the #FreeBritney movement, her followers and the media are paying even more attention to her infamous account. Now, more than ever, Spears's fans are seeking to uplift and protect the pop star. Her latest post is the most outspoken she's been since last June, when she posted an Instagram story to pose the trippy question, "No one ever really asks: Are the paparazzi pictures fake, and do the paparazzi people do stuff to the pictures and is the news really real?"

Spears seems to be seeking more control over her image, her narrative, and her life. We can only hope that one day her social media posts won't have to be cries for help and instead be celebrations of her freedom—from her conservatorship, her haters, and toxic media coverage.

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