How about this for Monday optimism? Britney Spear's Femme Fatale tour will (allegedly) feature actual dancing. (Things are looking up!) While the strength of her latest album has not distracted from her startling low-energy live performances, Spears remains positive about her new show, which kicks off June 17. "I love to dance, so it’s very exciting. The tour rehearsals have been going really well. I think it will be my best show yet," Spears told Harper's Bazaar. Looking radiant in white on the cover of the magazine's June/July issue (inside the photo spread, however, she's looking more like a Real Housewife of Orange County stepping out at her local skate park—a sign of what's to come?), Spears reminds us that despite the two kids, crotch shots and infamous umbrella incident, she's still only 29-years-old, yet worlds away from where she was during those low points. "I think things through a little bit more, and I worry a lot. I’m more straightforward, and I speak up more than I did before," she explained. "When I was younger, I wouldn’t speak up as much, but now that I’m a mom, things have changed." We'll take these claims with a grain of salt, obviously, but if her live show ends up falling more towards "I'm A Slave 4 U" rather than "Hold It Against Me" on the Spears Dance Spectrum, consider us happy customers.

And sure, she's currently the subject of a potentially court ordered psychiatric evaluation by former manager/manipulator Sam Lutfi, but conservatorship and all, Kentwood's finest insists she's normal, y'all. "The type of day I love is just like everybody else’s. I’m like everybody else." Whatever helps you get back into fighting shape, Brit.

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